Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Things First

When I experience the wholeness and love of spirit within me, I will experience it everywhere outside of me: in everyone and everything. Going within first and accepting responsibility for my choices and experience and not experiencing myself as a powerless victim is the first step. When I fail to do this, I attack, first myself feeling sick, stressed, weak, deprived, lacking and victimized then you, blaming you, certain that if only you were different or the Republicans were different, then what a wonderful world it would be.


This is bull shit, the ego’s nightmare illusion designed to keep me busy in the illusion so I don’t go within, take responsibility and choose mySelf. There is only one way out of the ego illusion just as there only one way into it – to become aware of the horror and disfunctionality of it, want something different, go within and choose mySelf instead of myself. Wanting only this, I will have only this. I will know that instead of being alone and having to do it all on my own, with all the stress and fear that goes with that; I will have access to and be supported by the power that makes the stars shine and the seasons change.

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