Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Never Upset for the Reason I Think!

My experience shows me that my mind divides its allegiance between the ego and spirit and is totally committed to neither. According to the Course, my identification with spirit is totally beyond question except by the ego.


I really want to believe this—that I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience. And further, I want to believe that what and who I am, and what and who you are, is not established by perception, nor influenced by it at all.


Perceived problems are not problems of fact, the Course says. They are problems of understanding, since their presence implies a belief that who and what we are is up to us to decide—which it is when I ID with the ego. Tho the ego believes this fully and is totally committed to it, it is not true. If my inner decision maker was as committed to spirit’s wholeness as the ego is to separation, I’d be in heaven all the time.


That’s good to know! Because, when I’m sad and depressed I can allow myself to remember it’s because I’m committed to the ego instead of spirit and this is not God’s choice, but my own. The truth is I’m never separate from spirit but simply asleep and dreaming I’m separate. So when I, and you, are sad and depressed, we need to know it’s not what’s happening ‘out there’ that’s doing it, it’s the decision I made in here to be with the ego and separate from the Truth. So, a useful thing to do when feeling depressed or sad is to pause and say: ‘I am never upset for the reason I think!’ then chose again.

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