Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reality as Holograph

I am never upset for the reason I think because the real reason I, and you, are upset is because we have identified with ego instead of spirit and are mistaking events in the ego’s nightmare world as real. We need to wake up and claim our atonement with spirit, our true identities as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. I, and probably you too, am able to do this sometimes - to awaken and feel the grace and know the truth, but it is the exception, not the rule.


“Reality cannot be partly appreciated,” the Course says. Denying any part of it means I have lost awareness of all of it. It’s like a holograph—one piece of the whole contains the whole, just as a drop of seawater contains all that the ocean is. Yet on the other hand, like the holograph, recognizing part of it means I am aware of all of it.


So it is that when I deny my own reality as spirit, I am denying yours and when I deny your reality as spirit—condemn, judge, fear and hate you—see you with ego—I am doing the same to myself. I need to see you as a spiritual being in order to see myself as a spiritual being. The blessing I withhold from you, is the blessing I need and withhold from myself.


There is no way for me to have the blessing, except by giving it to you – or the Republicans, or the so-called militants, or the bankers, or the Wall Street criminals. When these people act insanely believing that events in the ego nightmare are real, they are offering me an opportunity to see that I have denied my own reality, and their need for blessing is my own.


My ego says: ‘No way! I’m not a Wall Street criminal nor a T Party radical!’ And that’s true from the ego perspective. But that is a limited perspective, one that denies the greater holographic reality we all share. It is not the truth and not the whole story. “Reality cannot be partly appreciated.” This is the law of life and has no exceptions. What I deny either in myself or you, I lack, not because it is lacing in truth, but because I have denied it and am therefore not aware of it.


Every response I make is determined by what I, and you too, think we are. And what I want to be is what I think I am. So, what I want to be – either ego or spirit – determines every response I make. I have but to look to my experience to know what I want to be. Hate, fear, judgment, guilt, and doubt are of the ego. Love, trust, appreciation, cooperation and innovation are of spirit.

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