Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Consistent experiences of spirit’s blessings cannot be forced upon me, but come when they are all I want. And to want only that I need help. Yes it’s a choice, and I have the capacity to choose, but the ego’s nightmare illusion is so strong and I am so invested in it, I need to feel the love of God supporting me to make the best choice. “Who with the love of God supporting them would choose madness and murder?” No one. Certainly not me and not you. The difficulty is tho the love of God is always there and always supporting us, we don’t feel it. And not feeling it, not knowing we are spirit first, we choose madness and murder.


Interesting phrase that – “The love of God.” It goes two ways, God loving me and me loving God….


With the love of God supporting me I can know that when I meet anyone it is a holy encounter. As I see you is how I see myself. As I treat you is how I treat myself. As I think of you is how I think of myself. Every encounter with you and everyone and everything is an opportunity to experience myself or mySelf.


The purpose of life is to ‘Know Thyself’. There is nothing else to seek. Everything else is illusion. We are looking for the Self we all share and think we have lost. And we are looking in the wrong places. The ego’s motto is: ‘Seek but do not find.’ The ego has us look only at ourselves. But that is not enough. If I look only at myself, I will not find mySelf for mySelf is in everyone and everything. Until I allow the love of God to uphold me and see It in, thru and around me, I will feel lack and limitation, pain, anger and frustration.


Namaste – the God in me salutes the God in you!

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