Thursday, March 21, 2013

Middle Men

 The ego, myself, always speaks first and is wrong. It says things like: “When the pain stops, you’ll feel better,” or “when you get the new house, you’ll be happy,” or “if it doesn’t rain, then it’ll be a great day.” All conditional, all based on the outside-in thinking and believing, all middle men, as if my experience depends on them. I don’t need these or any other middle men. I can go directly to awareness of mySelf.


I can go. Do I? Not often enough. I get bogged down in addressing the middle men – taking care of the pain, getting the new house, hoping and praying it won’t rain. My attention is drawn away from mySelf which is the ego’s goal. If I’m busy fing around with the ego’s middle men, feeling alone and victimized, I’m not with mySelf and my reality as a spiritual being having an earthly experience.


I want to eliminate the middle men. I’m sick and tired of buying retail. I want to go direct to the supplier, the manufacturer, the Source. And I can! How cool is that? I can and you can! We can know we’re dealing with middle men, but not alone and not as victims.


When we hear the ego and experience its middle men, we can understand what’s happening, agree that I’ll feel better when the pain stops, or whatever, breath into it, give it over to spirit and with spirit, take whatever action spirit—that deep inner knowing and intuition, suggest. Often no action other than releasing and giving over is needed. Trusting the Source, releasing the blocks—the middle men, giving them over and experiencing mySelf instead of myself is so good and works so well! I want to do it more often!

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