Friday, March 29, 2013

No More Anxiety


Too often I’m uncomfortable, afraid and anxious; sometimes for good reason, often for no reason at all. I don’t enjoy these feelings and want to feel differently. Do you feel that way, too?


I know if I can simply accept reality – my reality as spirit and awaken from the ego’s nightmare to the happy dream of my oneness with spirit and all that is, I won’t feel this way. The ego always speaks first and is wrong. I’m never upset for the reason I think. The seeming external ‘problems’ are not the problem. The problem is denying reality. The remedy, the simple acceptance of reality. My ego’s attempts to deny what is – my reality as spirit, must be fearful. Willing against reality scares and threatens the ego. When I distort reality I will experience anxiety, depression and ultimately panic because I am trying to make mySelf unreal.


Reality cannot threaten anything except illusions of mySelf. Reality--MySelf, is the love and wholeness I share with God, you and all that is. What seems to be the fear of God then, is really the fear of my own reality.


Of myself, I do not know who I am. But mySelf does know. It has left a part of itSelf in my mind. By allowing that part to guide me, I am able to realize that the ego always speaks first and is always wrong, that I’m never upset for the reason I think and to feel better by simply accepting mySelf and letting myself slip away.


Myself has imprisoned my will to will with spirit – to be anxiety-free and accept my reality, beyond my awareness. The guide within seeks to restore my awareness of my will to will with spirit. This guide will never ask me to sacrifice anything but illusions. If I feel like I’m sacrificing, then I’m not with the guide, but with ego. The guide always brings peace, joy, harmony and creativity. The guide shows me, and you, that we cannot be safe from the truth of ourSelves, but only in the truth of ourSelves.

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