Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Becoming better

The 1/10 edition of the Monitor quotes Andrew Cohen in the Ottawa Citizen.
“It isn’t hard, if you try, to see the great republic in eclipse. In the meantime, things are happening in the US that defy conventional wisdom. That much divided, derided Congress was the most productive in a generation. In the last two years, it passed legislation on health care, financial regulation, food safety standards, credit cards and student loans. In the pas two month, it repealed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ extended the Bush tax cuts and ratified a new arms control treaty with the Russians.” Sometimes you just need to step back and away to see things more clearly.

MLK was not the only one to have a dream, we all have them. The difference between MLK and others like him, Gandhi, Sarah Palin (?) and John Boehner (?), and you and me, is that those people chose to own their dreams, to make them come alive. We can make that choice, too, to commit to our dreams and make them come alive. Don’t be jealous of those whose dreams come true; they merely said “Yes!” you and I said, “maybe later.” If I’m given a dream with an idea that strongly resonates, the Universe is also giving me everything necessary for the fulfillment of Its idea.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the founder of Christian Science, has God saying: “Thou canst not behold Me with they two outer eyes: I have given thee an eye divine” – intuition. Intuition, dreams and other still, small inner voices for spirit are speaking all the time. If we be still and get our bloated nothingness out of the way, we could catch the idea that spirit is seeking to reveal and express through us.

Unless and until we recognize that truth exists, that there is another, better thought system in our minds, we cannot make ourselves available to receive it. We can become better receivers and revealers by reprogramming our minds to quiet down and listen more carefully, by turning away from what we don’t want - lack, limitation, fear, hate and blame, acknowledging these as mere temporary conditions, and focusing instead on what we do want – peace, joy, harmony and a world that works for everyone and everything; by energetically embodying and becoming the very things that we seek to have.

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