Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Meta Decision - God is my default

Well, so far this morning, the ‘choice’ for spirit, I wrote about making yesterday is holding. I feel blessed, open, healthy and optimistic about the day. ‘Choice’ is a word about consciousness, which is really only part of the process of choosing and shifting. There’s an emotional and physical aspect as well. Desire plays a part, as does being mindful of where the resistance to choosing anchors in the body – tightness in my throat. Another key piece is awareness, no more than awareness, the experience of the peace, optimism and even joy that is the alternative to the fear, anxiety and tightness of the ego.

I want, love, do better, feel better am happier and make better contributions to a world that works for everyone when I know and feel – both physically and emotionally, that God is my default; that when I get my bloated nothingness out of the way, the peace, wonder, calm, mental clarity, creativity and joy shine thru.

God and all Its qualities are my, and your, natural condition. Making a meta decision for spirit, recognizing that God is my default, knowing and feeling that at every level and forgiving myself when I forget and get caught up in ego, is the process. It’s a never-ending process, too, and that’s kind of frustrating, when I look at it with the ego. But looking with spirit, each time I catch myself with ego – feeling victimized, fearful and angry, forgive myself and choose to shift to spirit and experience Its reality in and as me, is an opportunity to be renewed, to transcend my limited ego experience and be born again.

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