Monday, January 24, 2011

Original Sin

More inspiration from SOM. We appear to crave food, companionship, security, money, etc. But in truth, these are material substitutes for spiritual connection. What we crave is God – an awareness of our connection with the spirit we sense is already there, within us, but cannot seem to actualize. Like babies who get cranky when they hunger, we get cranky when we don’t get what we know is right there but can’t find. Craving is a nightmare, from which we can awake. In reality, despite appearances to the contrary, the storehouse is full, with enough of everything for everyone.

Of course we need food, companionship, security, money, etc, but the craving arises from lack of connection, when we feel we’re alone and have to do it ourselves. The basis of all healing is a change in belief,” Thomas Troward, one of Ernest Holmes’ greatest inspirations, said. “Things are brought into being, not by will [or craving] but by the power of the self-assertive Truth,” Ernest wrote. “Will power will work, but only for so long. Unless we are willing to surrender to Spirit, we are only promoting the stress of willfulness in our lives,” Celeste Frazier said.

Shifting beliefs to understand that we are already one with all the power there is and that power is neutral and fully responsive to our mental and emotional equivalents, enables us to live fuller lives and contribute to a world that works for everyone and everything. But before we can shift, we have to get that we are attached to a lot of false beliefs and let them go. Some of these are beliefs in lack, scarcity, fear, and ‘original sin’- the essential nastiness of human nature.

These are false beliefs. The idea is to become aware of the alternative to them, that made in the image and likeness of God, human nature is not a dirty word, that we are more like God than not. When I am willing to become more identified with spirit and wholeness, I embrace truth more than old false beliefs. As I surrender my false beliefs, I have room to embody the grace, compassion, abundance and peace that are my God nature.

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