Friday, January 28, 2011

Problems or Opportunities?

I have a couple of situations I think of as problems, big problems. I know that if I can stop thinking and feeling about these situations as ‘problems’, as something that is difficult for me to deal with, then I might be able to see how to deal with them more effectively. These situations have been with me for awhile and my habitual ways of thinking and feeling about them, which haven’t worked and which have actually progressed the problems, not the solutions, have also been with me for awhile, and have become habitual. When I encounter the situation, I see a problem, something beyond my ability to resolve or even deal with effectively, and feel fear, guilt and inadequacy. What I want to do is think and feel differently when encountering the situation. Let go of it as a problem and allow myself to experience it differently.

It’s trite and clich├ęd to say I want to experience the situation as an opportunity. But really, that’s what it is – an opportunity to see and feel things differently, to experience spirit working through me, to give spirit a new mold into which to pour itself, to get a different mental/emotional equivalent. What I’ve been doing and how I’ve been doing it, isn’t working. I’d be crazy, and in many respects I am, because I so desperately want to be right, to keep doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

But in my most lucid, enlightened moments, and I’m feeling one of those right now, I am completely sure and have positive faith in my relationship to spirit. That It is me and I am It. That It is loving and benign and wants only the best for me, everyone and everything, and that if I get out of Its way and stop forcing It into my problematic mental/emotional equivalents, It will bring Its loving benign reality to fruition. Spirit can only do for me, what I allow it to do thru me.

I now choose to see my so-called ‘problems’ differently, to turn them over to spirit and deal with them from the place of love, wonder and opportunity as spirit thru the still small voice and intuition, guide me to do. I will remember that the ego, which loves problems to keep separate from my spiritual reality, will always speak first and loudest, and when I experience it as doubt, fear, anxiety and problems, I will take a deep breath, center, let go and let God. I’ll keep you informed on my progress.

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