Friday, January 14, 2011

The Best Government Money can Buy and the Givingness of Infinite Intelligence

Inspired by today’s SOM reading.

But first a rant. I got an email from one my anti-American, pro-socialist commie, liberal groups that said after only ten daze, the new Republican dominated House is already turning back all the funding for science research, as the Bushies did, trying to re-establish abstinence only funding, de-funding the EPA, boosting coal and oil, cutting back on those god-awful regulations that pathetically try to protect people, nature and the planet, but fail to protect big business and its monopolies. All once again showing that we have the best government money can buy; and at bargain prices, too. Imagine, a lousy campaign contribution of $5K to a Congressman, buys tax breaks, rules or regulations that reap millions in profits.

Ah, that didn’t help. I feel angrier. Well, here’s what I really, really want to appreciate: Infinite Intelligence is ever giving its perfection to me, the bought and paid for and misguided House members and those that buy and pay for them. With each new breath we take, comes an opportunity to choose again. With each inhalation, the Kingdom of Heaven is downloading into me, and you, and them, connecting with the software already installed. Every moment gives us the opportunity to catch a new, loving, all inclusive, non-blaming and attacking divine idea. God’s flow is not restricted. My awareness of Her flow increases with each conscious breath I take. In every moment we get to choose and to make a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything, not just for a few.

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