Friday, January 21, 2011

Mental Equivalents

Ernest Holmes, founder of SOM, said, “That which you are searching for, you are searching with.” Most of us want peace, joy, success, balance, harmony and a world that works for everyone and everything. We just believe it’s not possible. Ernest is saying it is possible and not only that, we already have within, that which we seek without. If we start within, we’ll see it without. If we stop believing in two powers, the one loving power will manifest.

Situations, indeed, all of life, is neutral. It’s not for us or against us [although I prefer to think of It as for us]. It is we who assign meaning, label things and experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ The Law of Mind does not know the difference between a ‘good, constructive thought’ and a ‘bad, destructive one’ any more than the soil knows the difference between a flower seed or a weed. It just works on the thought/seed/info given it and grows the corresponding form.

If we want things to be different we’ve got to plant different thought and emotional seeds. Our thought/feeling seeds are mental equivalents reproducing themselves in form. Like a jello mold shapes jello, they give life the shape we see. Use a different mold, get a different shape. As soon as we shift our mental/feeling equivalents, our lives shift. This is the day to do it. “This is the day the Lord hath made,” says the Bible, not yesterday, not tomorrow, now, today. Our mental and emotional equivalents shape our reality, now. Change begins, not by wishing, hoping and waiting, but by shifting our inner reality from the ego to spirit.

My only point of power is within me in the present moment. Knowing this in my gut and heart, I get goose bumps and can feel the peace of this understanding spread over me. Let go of all seeming difficulties and know that as spirit, you are greater than any seeming difficulties.

This is all you need do, nothing else. Justice without judgment is automatic. Get your bloated nothingness out of its way and the Universe will continue to balance itself out. Yesterday can do nothing for us today. Just stay present today, now, and let go of the blame and shame. Fear and Love are incompatible. It’s one or the other. Let go of the fear and the love will shine through. As your joy goes forth unbounded, you show up differently. Tomorrow takes care of itself when you’re operating from the inside out with a different set of mental and emotional equivalents.

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