Monday, January 10, 2011


AOL chose to feature as “opinion” a so-called op ed piece from a London newspaper headlined, “Quit blaming the right” for the tragedy in Tucson. Why did AOL choose to publish that? Why did they go all the way to England for it? The usual BS about it being ‘newsworthy’ or balanced or an alternative, doesn’t hack it. The sheriff of Tucson said it all, the climate of hate is fertile ground for weak and distressed minds. And in spite of the so-called ‘main stream’ media’s penchant for crying a plague on both your houses and suggesting that liberal, progressive and democratic rhetoric is just as bad as so-called ‘conservative,’ tea party, republican rhetoric, just ain’t so and the facts belie it.

What is AOL trying to prove, suggest, put over is the name of so-called ‘fairness’ and balance? The facts are pretty clear. All the hate and anger spewing forth and getting undeserved coverage, aside from the fact that if it bleeds, it leads, comes pretty much from one side. When will the so-called ‘main stream’ media tell it like it is? Apparently never as long as their corporate owners answer to no one, especially not to the silent majority, hungering for peace, reconciliation, information and real news, not opinion masquerading as news. Enough! Please, in the name of humanity, enough!

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