Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 14, The Mental 'Realm', Assumptions

Our assumptions about the world, life and living determine our experience and quality of life.

Assumptions have a grain of Truth, sometimes a bit more, but they are never the whole Truth. They are a partial picture of Reality.

Your assumptions are complete and true enough for you. But they act as a filter for the whole of Reality - allowing in what supports them, and screening out what doesn't.

Assumptions limit. They are the boundaries of our comfort zones.

To know our assumptions and choose to go beyond them, is to grow, have more options, achieve ever greater success, become more complete and real. It is to stop blaming, become responsible and start making things better.

We expand vast amounts of energy - emotional and physical, holding on to our assumptions, our tiny bits of Reality, while denying and fighting the rest of a vast Reality that mayor may not support them.

This is exhausting and stressful. It feels like we're running as fast as we can and getting nowhere. We feel like victims. We're angry, aggressive and afraid.

We are mistaking assumptions about Reality, for Reality; mistaking ourselves for our assumptions, identifying too closely with our beliefs. You are not your assumptions, beliefs and thoughts.

You are more, much more. Assumptions, beliefs and thoughts are not real. We make them real by our allegiance to them.

Like styles in clothing, art and music, assumptions, beliefs and thoughts come and go. But you, and I remain. "There is much more in heaven and earth than in your philosophy," Shakespeare said.
Realize more of your potential, grow, complete yourself, know your assumptions and choose to go beyond them.
Remember, habit speaks first, the pull of the comfort zone is intense. That's why mindfulness is so useful.
When you catch yourself struggling, denying, running fast and getting nowhere, victimized, angry and vindictive, perhaps your assumptions are using you, instead of you using them.
Pause, take a deep breath, reflect a moment.
"What do I really, really want, here and now?
What's the highest and best for all concerned?
Do I want to be right or happy?
How can I, right now, with passion, joy and gladness, make a contribution that will bring the highest and best for everyone and everything concerned?
Is it possible I don't know everything?
Is it possible I'm holding to my assumptions inappropriately, being arrogant, stubborn, fearful and self centered?"

Then, without guilt or condemnation, start fresh, right where you are, right now; and with passion, joy and gladness, do what you can, from your heart and uniqueness, to make a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything.

Assumptions/Attitudes and POVs Contributing to a World that Works for Everyone and Everything
The world is a neutral place
Everything matters
It's both my way and your way Cooperation and participation
Both spirit & science
Both short and long term
Joy, vision, passion
Open, visible, revealed
Free and spontaneous
Appreciative Model
Present & future
Organic Metaphor

Assumptions/Attitudes and POVs That Do Not Contribute to a World that Works for Everyone and Everything

The world is a dangerous place
The bottom line is all that matters
It's either my way or the highway Command & control is best
The material world is primary
Short term results
Pain, lack, limitation, fear
Closed, hidden, secretive
Controlled, routine
Medical Model
Future oriented
Machine Metaphor

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