Friday, June 10, 2011

One Energy Manifesting in Different Forms

Spirit first, but then, within the centered space of awareness of our spiritual reality and connection with it, we are both spirit and body. Both/and – one of the key concepts of the new professionalism as described in my book The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit. Spirit doesn’t overcome or struggle with the body, but co-opts it. After all, everything is energy and spirit is the purest form of energy, invisible and without mass, and becomes the body - the body is made of the same energy spirit is, but denser, congealed into visibility and mass.
Think of the relationship between body and spirit as a straight line, the line itself being energy, with spirit at one end and body at the other, with mental and emotional in between. Like this:


The energy gets denser and more visible as it flows from left to right. Mental energy is denser than spiritual; Emotional energy is denser and more tangible than Mental, and of course, physical energy is more visible and tangible than Emotional energy. Though we give its differing forms, different names, as the diagram shows, it’s all one, one single form of energy.

The implications of this are many. Perhaps the most important is, work in the spiritual ‘realm’ first. As the diagram shows, what is done there impacts everything else: thoughts, feelings and everything in the physical realm. Peace, love, joy, health and success all flow from a commitment to one’s reality as spirit.

As used here, spirit is not a religious concept; it is a metaphysical concept; a concept that transcends yet embodies the thinking of traditional religion and physics. Spirit is the thing Itself, religions are its various brands. Spirit is generic to human existence, even agnostics and atheists have it. Understanding and using these concepts can enable each of us to make a personally meaningful and useful contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything.

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