Monday, June 13, 2011

The Energy Continuum

The energy continuum shows that though we give its differing forms, different names, as the diagram below shows, it’s all one, one single form of invisible energy, spirit, arising in invisibility and flowing back to it.


It is this that gives rise our sense of oneness. We know instinctively that this invisible energy, spirit, is our essence.

The diagram shows the invisible energy getting denser and more visible as it flows from left to right. Mental energy is denser than spiritual; Emotional energy is denser and more tangible than Mental, and of course, physical energy is more visible and tangible than Emotional energy. But clearly, the diagram shows that though we give its differing forms, different names, it’s all one, one single form of energy originating in spirit.

Spirit, as used here, is not a religious concept; it is a metaphysical concept; a concept that transcends yet embodies the thinking of traditional religion and physics. Spirit is the thing Itself, religions, its various brands. Spirit is generic to human experience, even agnostics and atheists have it.

The qualities of the generic, invisible spirit on the energy continuum are: unconditional love, compassion, inclusivity, win/win behavior, joy, creativity, intuition and un-limited blessings. If it is for the good of all concerned and makes a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything, excluding no one and no thing, it is of spirit.

As the diagram shows, spirit in is various densities is who we are, right now. One does not have to ‘earn’ spirit’s goodness and blessings, they are given freely, and, when we give freely, we in turn reflect our understanding of our reality and essence as spirit. Fear, hate, loathing, blame, judgment and punishment, are not of spirit, not of the thing Itself, but of our own making, our own ignorance and misuse of the energy continuum. Remember, the continuum diagram shows it is all one, one single form of invisible energy arising in spirit, becoming denser and denser and ending in spirit.

All the fear and terror we experience and inflict arises from separating ourselves from our spiritual reality and essence and identifying with the cut-off portion, the ego, instead of the whole, the thing Itself. Doing this is like a drop of sea water cast up into the air as the waves crash ashore, feeling and thinking of itself as separate from the ocean. All the qualities of the ocean are in it, and in a second it will fall back into the ocean and be one with it again, but for a moment, it hangs suspended, believing it is alone, mis-identifying with the ego, not spirit.

The implications of the energy continuum are many. Perhaps the most important is, work on the left side of the continuum, in the spiritual ‘realm,’ first. As the diagram shows, what is done there impacts everything else: thoughts, feelings and physical ‘reality’. Peace, love, joy, health and success all flow from working on the left side first and committing to and embodying our reality as spirit.

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