Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 2

To work on the left side first presupposes that one is aware that there is an energy continuum and then understands one has a choice about where to be on it. So, there are four fluid categories/distinctions in the energy on the continuum, ‘fluid’ in that they are not four hard and fast categories, separated by rigid boundaries. Rather, the four categories/distinctions/’realms’ flow into each other, blending at the soft boundaries.

Knowing this, one may be aware, mindful, of where on the continuum s/he is. Then, being aware, you can get in touch with the quality of the energy you’re experiencing. Is the energy more quiet and peaceful – then it’s probably spiritual; more rationale and problem-solving – mental; more excited, happy or angry – emotional; or more about sensation: seeing, hearing, smelling – physical.

Being aware, you can then decide if you want to experience more of that type of energy or less of it. If more, you stay where you are on the continuum; if less, you can move. The great thing about the continuum model is that it is flat, with fluid boundaries. There is no climbing or struggling to get to a ‘higher level,’ or push through solid boundaries to move from one place to another along it.
So, let’s say you become aware, mindful, that you are experiencing energy that is more physical; you’re tired, stressed, worn out. You decide you’ve had enough of that, and knowing you’re on a continuum of energy that is flat and easy to move along, you choose to experience a lighter energy, perhaps a little humor to break up the dense physical energy you’ve been experiencing.

You move to the left into the emotional category. You could choose to go further left, to the mental, and contemplate making changes so you experience less stress in the future. Or, you could move all the way left to experience your reality as spirit, pure disembodied spirit – what Jesus and other great avatars have called the ‘peace that passeth understanding’ – the peace we experience when we ‘ought’ to be worried or upset but are not.

The peace that comes in the midst of a traffic jam, a tornado, or a crisis at work. The peace that feels like a miracle blessing. The peace that is always available and waiting for us to claim at the left side of the continuum. All we have to do is know It’s there, know we don’t have to struggle or prove anything to access it; know we can flow along the flat easy to move on energy continuum and claim it. Wouldn’t you like to do that, right now? I would!

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