Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 8

Treatment – Five Steps for Using the Energy Continuum

Science of Mind one of my main sources of spiritual connection, has a way of using the energy continuum and connecting with spirit, called Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer. It is ‘affirmative’ prayer, because rather than beseeching and begging God, and perceiving God as a separate entity in some other place, SOM practitioners also called ‘metaphysicians’, understand that they are one with God, that It is right where they are and are able to freely access Its goodness and power now, not when they’re dead or have ‘earned’ the right. They do this by ‘treating’ – preparing and opening their minds to become aware of their oneness and the truth of their reality as spirit.

Spiritual Mind Treatment, designed to move us to the spiritual end of the continuum and make us congruent, has five steps: Recognition, Unification, Realization, Thanksgiving and Release.

In Recognition we speak about the infinite, absolute, all-providing, creative source that is everywhere and everything, thinking and saying things like: God/spirit is all there is; spirit is everything; spirit is the underlying Reality of everything I see; God is in, under, over, around and though all; God/spirit is indivisible, omnipotent and whole; God is love, intelligence and beauty; spirit is eternal and changeless; One Spirit, One Mind.

In Unification we speak about our own individualized and perfect expression of the infinite, thinking and saying things like: God/spirit in me, as me, is me. God and I are one; therefore, I AM good, deserving and complete. I am one with the rhythm of life. Wherever I am, God is. God's presence surrounds me. The life within me is God. I am a manifestation of God. There is one mind; that mind is God's, and that mind is my mind now. I am one with Infinite Spirit which flows through me now in love.

In Realization we speak of the specific good we are claiming, knowing that we are worthy of it, and now receptive to it thinking and saying things like: I choose [whatever is wanted]; I am; I am ready to receive; I experience; I co-create; I actualize; I hold as true; I claim; I am ready; I assert; I know; I accept; I AM; I embody; I declare; I realize; I believe; I receive; I manifest; I trust; I welcome; I deeply and fully accept; I acknowledge; I am living; I see clearly now; fully; right now; totally; completely; viscerally; with deep conviction; utterly; deeply; entirely; clearly; profoundly; strongly; right here

In Thanksgiving We express our gratitude for the manifestation now—even before we see evidence of it, acting as if, knowing deeply and truly how grateful we are to be the expression of divine good, thinking and saying things like: I am grateful; I appreciate; I give thanks; I feel overwhelming thankfulness; the joy of gratefulness is mine now; I am thankful for this gift; I feel joy and love in my heart; this manifestation of God/spirit's love has filled me with awe; I celebrate; I give thanks for God's presence in me; I feel truly blessed; with grace I thank and accept; joyful loving thanks; open; loving heart; gracious gratitude; happiness; express joy for my answered prayers; attitude of gratitude; I am grateful for all this and so very much more; I'm overjoyed; I give my loving thanks;
In Release we clearly and completely release our word to the action of the creative source, knowing that it is done to us as we believe and as we have spoken believing, it is now done in universal consciousness, thinking and saying things like: It is done It is perfect; It is complete; I release this treatment to the Creative Law, with the assurance that all the details are taken care of on the level of manifestation; I let go and let God; I release it and let go; I let go, knowing all is in Divine Order. I acknowledge that God/spirit's will is now being manifested. I surrender to God and trust in the perfection of the Universe. I accept this treatment as complete, and so it is. I let it be. I leave it alone with God. I release this Divine inner knowing with God. I know that this is so. I release this truth as God's truth. I surrender all attachment and release myself to God's will. I place into Creative Law. And so it is!
Spiritual Mind Treatment is a great way to use the Energy Continuum to connect with your reality as spirit and have that reality express in your life. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It’s a practice and a way to build spiritual muscle. The more you use it, the stronger you’ll get and the better able you’ll be to make your unique contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything.

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