Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 3

Working on the left side of the energy continuum first, in the spiritual and mental realms, gives rise to many of the ideas I share in this blog, such as: working from the inside out - dealing with the lighter more invisible forms of energy before dealing with the physical forms, the heavier, denser energy.

Going into the projection booth, rather than up to the movie screen if the picture is out of focus is another, similar concept. This suggests that the physical realm is a blank screen on to which we project our spiritual, mental and emotional energies. It also means that if our spiritual, mental and emotional energies are congruent, physical manifestations can be quick and effortless, almost like miracles. It also suggests that if we’re not getting the physical results we want, and who is, we may go back into our spiritual, mental and emotional realms and see what’s holding us back, what’s incongruent, out of alignment, and work there.

Being congruent, having your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms aligned is another key concept. When you’re incongruent and out of alignment, the energy can’t flow, and we have to work to make it move. Such work wastes time and energy and is uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, that we often avoid doing it, relying instead on brute force – physical efforting, and emotional reactions, such as fear (a biggy), guilt and anger, to get things done.

Unfortunately, our lack of education about the energy continuum, its very existence and functions, coupled with the lack of practical training in how to use it, make it almost inevitable that we end up relying so much on the physical realm.

Being congruent flows naturally and effortlessly from working on the left, in the spiritual realm, of the energy continuum. Before beginning any task or project in the physical realm, get centered, be mindful and allow your energy to become congruent. Being mindful of the energy continuum and setting an intention to use it to make one’s own contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything, is the first step. What Science of Mind calls ‘treatment,’ or affirmative prayer is an excellent way to set an intention, become congruent and allow the energy to flow along the continuum, unimpeded. More about that tomorrow….

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