Friday, June 17, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 5

Two other concepts I often blog about are: if then and act as if.
If then: if I get the raise, the friend, the new house, whatever, then I’ll be happy. This kind of thinking reflects a lack of awareness of the energy continuum and how it works. It’s outside-in thinking, instead of inside-out thinking. It says if ‘X’ happens in the physical ‘realm’, then I’ll be happy. The energy continuum and the inside-out thinking that goes with it, says I can be happy any time I want to be.

Happiness has its own place on the continuum in the emotional ‘realm’ and our experience of it is not dependent on any other realm on the continuum. If I want to be happy, I can be happy no matter what. Hard to believe, but true. This is the peace or happiness or calm that passeth understanding mentioned in the Bible and that I blogged about a few days ago. Decide to shift, and shift. The only effort required is to let everything else go - give it over to spirit, stay centered, choose happiness, keep on choosing it and allow yourself to become aligned, congruent, around happiness.

Act as if, and it will be so, Chapter Six in my book, The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit. This is a variation of ‘if then,’ but with a twist. It says that if you act happy, even when you’re not, you soon will be happy. It hints at a single, unified source of energy connecting the seemingly separate ‘realms’ of feeling and action, pointing to the existence of an energy continuum on which it is possible to shift from one place on it to another.

It further suggests that one can start wherever one is on the continuum and move to wherever one wants to be. One need not be perfect, or correct, or dogmatic, or a true believer. One has only to accept, be mindful of, where one is and choose to remain there or shift. It all happens in the now, the only time there is, not in the past, not in the future, now. No hoping, wishing and praying; no rules, dogma or procedures to follow. Just being here now, which you already are, and choosing. We are always at choice, always have a chance to choose again, no matter what.

Deep down, we know that, know all this about now, and choosing, and the energy continuum, we just have to choose to access and use what we know, now.

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