Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 4

The concept of shifting - of exchanging, interchanging, transferring, swapping, varying and altering - another concept I use frequently, captures the easy, effortless flow along the flat, almost boundary-less energy continuum. It is possible to shift from one energy realm to another along the continuum without effort or struggle.

This gives us a great deal of power and control over our experience of living. The energy itself is neutral, it doesn’t care where you are. It does not hold you back. Only our ignorance of how the energy works on its continuum, holds us back. We have the power to choose what kind of energy we want to experience and for how long. We decide to be mindful or mindless. We decide to keep and use our power or give it away to illusory forces outside us. It is our choice to shift or to be stuck.

Shift happens…. We can do it consciously, mindfully, or unconsciously and mindlessly. We can be the deciders, like Bush the Second was, or we can be the victims, passively wishing and hoping for things to change. It is up to us.

Try it and see. Be still and get centered, visualize the energy continuum, stay still and centered and sense where you are on the continuum, the quality of the energy you’re experiencing. Good. Now, if where you are feels good and is working for you, remain there. But if it doesn’t feel good and it’s not working for you, shift.

Imagine the quality of the energy you want to experience, feel it, feel it more strongly, release your hold on/need to be where you are and allow yourself to be drawn to what you want to feel. No struggle, no resistance, just an effortless, congruent flow to what you seek. That’s how you shift. Try it now: pause, get centered, deep breathing, imagine the energy continuum, sense where you are and decide to stay or shift. It’s that easy.

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