Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Energy Continuum, 7

Let the Continuum Work for You
Though the Continuum’s best, it’s not the most popular. Just as people thought the world was flat in 1492, so now most people think professional relationships and life in general, are best understood as a Pyramid or Dichotomy -- the conframes of the old professionalism -- the bloated nothingness that blocks the divine circuits.
You have to consciously choose the Continuum. It will not operate automatically as our bloated nothingness, the Dichotomy and Pyramid, do. Here are a few examples that show both how to use the Continuum, and it’s superiority.
Put water on a continuum of hot and cold. Ice at one end, steam at the other, liquid in the center. You can differentiate between them and simultaneously understand that they’re different forms of the same thing, water. The Blob couldn’t do that.
With the Blob, you’d perceive only water and wouldn’t be able to make the very useful distinctions between its solid form, ice, and its gaseous form, steam. The Dichotomy would reduce the three -- ice, liquid and steam -- to two. And the Pyramid would arrange them into a hierarchy with one at the top.
Here’s another. Put the skin color of human beings on a continuum with one end being white, the other, black. Each color is visible but we can clearly see the larger truth, all are part of the same thing -- humanity. The Blob wouldn’t detect differences at all. The Dichotomy would focus only on differences, missing the connections. While the Pyramid would include them all, but suggest some differences, those at the top, are better than others.
Do emotions. With the Blob we’d have nothing but emotions. The Dichotomy makes emotions either good or bad. While the Pyramid says some emotions are better than others, perhaps love at the top and hate at the bottom.
Except during a war, when it would be reversed. The Continuum shows all emotions have a place.
The Continuum connects you, your client, and learners instead of separating them. By adding warmth, creativity and enthusiasm to expertise and technique it creates a new professionalism, one that is more effective and life-affirming than the tired, over-worked old professionalism we’re used to.
Become a new professional. Use the three steps. First, realize you have a bloated nothingness and it operates through your conceptual frameworks. Second, be mindful of which of the four conframes you’re using. Third, shift to the Continuum. Put your thoughts, feelings and experiences on it and let the Continuum’s level flow become the pattern for your life.

What conframe are you using, right now?
To know, be aware of the shape your thoughts, feelings and experiences seem to have; the patterns in your life, the things that keep happening month-to-month, week after week. Since each conframe has its own shape, the patterns in your experience tell you which conframes you usually use.
How do you know when you’re using the Continuum?
Life flows. Decision making is straight forward. Fear, doubt and worry are minimal. You feel lighter and more bouyant. Time is not pressing in on you. You laugh more often; are more attractive and enjoy yourself, what you’re doing and who you’re with.

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