Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truth Cannot Be Legislated

“Truth cannot be legislated,” Terry Cole-Whittaker said, “voted on, created, or destroyed – it just is. No person or organization can grant anyone anything, as they have nothing to grant. God has already given us everything,” and it is up to each of us to accept and act from an awareness of what we’ve been given, to make our contributions to a world that works for everyone and everything.

“People who live in fear use fear to control, whereas people who live from love [and the place of spirit-centered oneness] do not seek to control or abuse anyone. No one needs another’s approval or appreciation for we already have God’s approval and appreciation. So go forth and do the work you love as an offering to God. We give away our inner power only when we believe a lie.

“Be courageous and trust your inner guidance, and you will know what to do.” To worry, is to misidentify with the physical body. We are spiritual beings first, and last. “By identifying with inert matter that goes through the cycles of change we call birth and death, we live in fear and close off the channels of divine qualities and powers. The symptoms of this closing off are fear, anger, worry, exploitation, greed, envy, criticism, hatred and self abuse.”

Use these symptoms, not as judgments or signs of failure, but as cues to change. Aligned with spirit we see whatever comes as an opportunity to act from our true Identity instead of reacting from our mistaken identity.

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