Monday, February 11, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell - Betheena

This is the last excerpt. If you would like to reserve your copy of The Covenant and the Scrolls, please let me know. Thank you!

First, they had bathed her.  Temple maidens only a few years older than herself, naked but for jeweled loin clothes that barely hid their clean shaven genitals and slid suggestively into the clefts of their buttocks, disrobed her and led her to a pool of steaming water.  Betheena had never seen such large quantities of hot water before. She dipped a toe in and drew back.  The three girls waiting upon her tittered.  One of them, a lithe red-head who she would come to know as Melka, took Betheena’s hand and led her into the water.

Betheena had never, ever felt anything as satisfying as being in that pool.  The girls stood away from the pool with their backs to Betheena as she acclimated herself.  Betheena had not had an opportunity to study a naked person before and her eyes roamed hungrily over the flowing, full curves the teenage temple maidens.  Do I look like that? She wondered.

Melka turned, bent to pick up a sponge and came to sit beside Betheena in the water.  Looking deeply into Betheena’s eyes, Melka gently rubbed first Betheena’s hands, then arms with the sponge.  Betheena’s heart raced and she felt her abdomen and genital areas turn to liquid.  She groaned and closed her eyes, giving herself up to the other girl’s ministrations.

After the bath, they gave Betheena a jeweled loin cloth like theirs and led her into the presence of the Goddess.  Already in an altered state of sensual over-load, when Betheena smelled the hypnotic incense, and saw the bejeweled larger than life idol before her in the dimly lit sanctuary, she fainted - flopped to the floor.  When she awoke, it was to a vision of the bare backs and buttocks of her sister temple maidens as they prostrated themselves before the Goddess.  In a few moments, when her head cleared, Betheena joined them, prostrating herself as they did, in deep gratitude to the One who had granted her this blessing.

After a time, as Betheena’s heart ceased its racing, Melka came and led her to a dimly lit alcove with a divan and a smoking brazier from which floated the same hypnotic incense.  They sat on the floor.

“You are of royal blood, Betheena,” Melka said.  “A princess of Canaan.  It is your duty to serve Astarte, Goddess of Fertility.  The welfare of our people depends upon the Goddess’ favor.  If She finds favor in your service to Her, She will bless us with a good harvest and many children.  Do you understand?”  Betheena nodded.  “You will now dedicate yourself to Her service.  From this day forth and for the rest of your life, you will come here, to Her temple for one month each year and offer your body.  You are Her slave, Betheena, Her willing and obedient slave.  Do you understand?” 

“I am Her slave,” Betheena said dreamily and sensually, her body tingling and undulating slightly.

“Yes.” Melka stroked Betheena’s cheek, longing to take the comely virgin for herself.  “Her slave.”  She stood and reached out her hands to Betheena and when she grasped them, pulled the new temple slave to her feet.  “You will sit on this divan and wait, breathing in the incense of service, with every breath, reminding yourself that you are only a slave, here to serve whoever comes and commands you in the Goddess’ name.  Do you understand?” 

“I hear and obey,” Betheena said dreamily.

“Good, my little slave girl.  I am pleased!”

Betheena’s heart raced with joy.

“You will give yourself fully to what is asked of you,” Melka said.  “Trust the Goddess.  She will guide you.  Trust your body; your senses and feelings will guide you.  Let your mind be asleep.”  She caressed Betheena’s budding breast.  Betheena moaned.  Melka bent and kissed her nipple.  Betheena moaned from the center of her being.  Oh, what sacred sweetness, Melka thought.  Surely initiating this girl could not be a sin?

“This is love, Betheena,” Melka whispered in the child’s ear; “sacred love.  This is how you and I shall serve Astarte.  This: what we are feeling now is how we are meant to feel and how She wants us to worship Her.  You shall never know a greater, more fulfilling love, Betheena.  You are mine in the Goddess’ name!”



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