Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell

A Note from the Author


Devorah is a work of historical fiction, based on biblical, scholarly and archeological data. Some characters as well as names for places and things are made up to support the story and are not intended to be correct, accurate or factual. The relevant Old Testament portions are Judges, First Samuel and  Second Samuel.

One of my favorite references is Chronicles: News of the Past, Volume One, now out of print, which describes biblical events as a modern contemporary newspaper would. The book is actually printed on newsprint broad sheets to add authenticity.


The Bible tells us that 175 years after Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, there arose a woman, Devorah, a daughter of Ephraim, to be a Judge over her people, a prophetess and a righteous example unto them. The Bible also tells us of Devorah’s  husband, Lappodoth; Barak, the great Haibru general;  Sisera the Canaanite general; Yael the Kenite, slayer of Sisera; and of Sisera’s mother, Betheena.  The Bible touches only the high points of their lives. What follows is a more complete story.

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