Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Identity Game

When my hernia acts up, which it did a little while ago, or I can’t figure out how to do a screen print or get the dogs to stop barking, it’s clear that I’m identifying with myself, instead of mySelf. The hernia will stop hurting, the dogs will stop barking and I will know how to do a screen print, as soon as I’m ready to turn it all over to mySelf and experience it all differently.


The more my ego yells and throws a tantrum like an infant demanding its bottle – I want it! I want it now, now! I need it - the less I’m able to let go. I am literally holding those conditions in place by looking at them the way I do. If I want the conditions to be different, I’ve got to be different. Having to have whatever it is now, is like saying, I of myself can make a better plan for my safety and joy than mySelf can make. MySelf has given me these conditions, not as punishment, but as feedback, feedback about who and what I’ve been identifying with – ego – so that I can choose to identify differently, with spirit, with mySelf.


Letting go and giving it all over to spirit, I can see things differently and know what to do. So I gave it over and talked with a physician about next steps for the hernia; realized if I lowered the shade the dogs wouldn’t see out and bark as much and called my computer guy for help with the screen print.


God is my Self. It is who I am. The truth of my identity. I am part of It and It is part of me. It is the very principle of being and becoming. It is the creator, and that which It creates – the process by which the creative impulse become the created thing. It is always there, always on, always responsive. If I identify with It, I get experiences of It – peace, joy, optimism. If I identify with ego, I get experiences of ego – hernia, barking dogs, frustration and fear.  Spirituality is about becoming aware of how It works and what I am creating with It – hernia pain or hernia relief; sleeping dogs or barking dogs. Different spiritual paths are simply different methods of becoming aware.

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