Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Consequences

Yesterday the guy who delivers The Herald drove by but didn’t give me and most of the people on my block a paper. Today he delivered two papers: yesterday’s and today’s. He wrote a note on the wrapper of yesterday’s saying he was sure he delivered it, that I got him in trouble with his supervisor when I called in the failure to perform, and he has to pay $5. for each complaint. Too bad. There needs to be consequences for non-performance. Too bad there are no consequences for Congressional non-performance!


We are once again embroiled in a self-inflicted ‘crisis’ created, managed and performed by the Republicans in Congress, a ‘crisis’ with no apparent downside consequences for them. While large majorities of Americans and even some T Party and Republicans want the Congress to operate smoothly and without crisis, that doesn’t count and somehow the obstructionists in Congress are collecting rewards for not doing their job greater than the punishments that can be meted out to them.


Who are the T Party and Republican Congressmen really working for? Who are their real constituents, the people who can reward and punish them? Not the majority of Americans in their districts. Obviously there are no negative consequences for being obstructionist. Obviously T Party and Republican Congressmen are being rewarded for pleasing their real constituents, whoever they are. Too bad those of us who disapprove of obstructionism and imagine ourselves to be their constituents can’t punish them as much as their real constituents can reward them.


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