Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Great Example NOT The Great Excetion

What if the Jew Jesus was not what he’s been made out to be—the Great Exception, the only ‘son’ of God, but the Great Example—the model the rest of us who are also the children of God, are meant to follow?  What if he came, not to die, but to be resurrected, to model a healthy beautiful life, not a fierce and horrible death? What if we’ve had it wrong all this time?  What if the good news the rabbi came to share was that we all have the same spiritual technology available to us that he used? Didn’t he say, “greater things than this shall you do also,”?


What if he was 2,000 years ahead of his time and the primitive culture he was born into couldn’t fully understand nor grasp the technology he used? Not that we’re so much better. Even now, as our scientific knowledge of the brain thru scanning and chemistry and our awareness the body-mind connection show that Jesus was right about ‘seeking the kingdom of heaven within’ first - that we feel better and do better when we come from that place, most people still seek outside themselves first. But hey, what can you expect from people who still don’t believe in global climate change or that women have the right to choose…?

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