Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell


175 years after Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, Devorah, a prophet, became the first and only female Judge to rule ancient Israel.


Surrounded by pagan Canaanites practicing ritual sex and human sacrifice, Devorah must find ways to maintain the Hebrews’ belief in the One God and overcome the Canaanites’ overwhelming military supremacy.


Devorah walks a tightrope between her personal view of the One God as a present, loving force and the prevailing view of God as a distant, punishing power. She calls the fearsome God of the temple and formal worship, the God of the Scrolls; and the benign, loving and accessible God, the God of the Covenant.


Devorah’s story is the first in Steve Liebowitz’ soon to be released The Covenant and The Scrolls series of novels based on these conflicting views of God and its influence on the lives of Kings Saul, David, Solomon and other Old Testament characters.


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