Thursday, February 28, 2013


In yesterday’s post, I used the word ‘merely’. Merely implies only, simply, just – a kind of effortlessness. But the ‘merely’ involved in undoing the ego and giving over to spirit is not effortless when I’m myself and identified with ego. Yes, I have only, simply, just and merely to give myself to mySelf. But to myself, this entails a great risk and even sacrifice. When ‘merely’ giving myself to mySelf, I need to expect resistance and remember to be compassionate with myself.


The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. As Lee Lipscomb Hanahan wrote in the February issue of Science of Mind magazine:  “Continuous surrender is required and our culture is basically anti-surrender. We miss the monumental strength and courage it requires. To trust, most especially that which we can [barely] experience with the five sense, is to risk. We put ourselves on the line. We open ourselves to hurt and shame and loss. Who wants all that vulnerability? Only those who need it [and we all need it]. Surrender is such a relief!


“I cannot have a compassionate heart toward others until I have one toward myself. I know I [the ego] am not in charge. What a release that truth is! I just [merely] have to lift the second foot off the bottom of the pool and float, giving in to The Benevolent. When I do that, I can walk in compassion. I can be compassionate with myself and with you,” and give myself to mySelf.

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