Friday, February 22, 2013

I Already Have A Moses

Yesterday, Dorothy White responded to my post on minority control saying that one of the best ways to help people see things differently is one-on-one. I agree whole heartedly. Mass media and collective action are influential, too. But usually those reinforce beliefs and opinions people already hold. But often – and this is true of the media, too – people are unable to hear something that’s been there all along until they hear it said the way only one of us knows how to say it. Each of us matters…more than we know. Never before has the universe happened just the way I am or you are.


There’s an old Hassidic tale of a man named Zoysa who wanted to be just like Moses. All day, every day, before he did anything he asked himself, ‘what would Moses do?’ and tried to do that. Then one night, he had a dream in which God asked him: ‘I already have a Moses, so why aren’t you Zoysa?’

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