Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minority Control

As I wrote about the T Party and Republican obstructionism yesterday, I felt a little guilty. After all, here I am a metaphysician wanting to practice forgiveness, inclusiveness and cooperation, ranting about my brothers and sisters. We are better together. I know that. I know about how gerrymandering creates safe rightist districts which in turn creates the fear of being primaried. I also know how good it feels to operate from a place of fearlessness and inner guidance and this frustrates me.


I want so much for my T Party and Republican brothers and sisters to know this too. I want so much for them to rise above their fear-based ideology and get in touch with the humanity they share with the rest of us and see how much their ideological ‘purity’ creates and adds to the present pain, discomfort, and discontinuity so many of their fellow human beings are experiencing - that they need not experience. 

What’s going on now, need not be, it’s self inflicted. We ARE better together. Can’t we ALL understand that and work together to reduce our present difficulties?  Yes, we can.  Will we? Well that seems to be up to a handful of ideologues, approximately 30 of them in the US House of Representatives and 20 in the US Senate. Fifty people impacting the lives of hundreds of millions here and around the world…. Wow!

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