Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spiritual Technology

I’ve noticed that when I give an idea away I don’t lessen it. Have you noticed that? Unlike a physical object which when I give it away is gone, when I give an idea away I actually strengthen it. All of the idea is still mine, although all of it has been given away. In fact if the person I give the idea to accepts it as theirs, it reinforces the idea in me and thus increases it. Have you noticed this? Does it happen to you, too?


This is the basis of spiritual technology. If everything that we humans do begins as an idea, begins in the invisible, intangible non-physical world—the spiritual world, then working in that world first, working with ideas first is the most effective and efficient way to accomplish anything. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Going to the source, the cause, and working there has got to be better, more effective and efficient than working with the effects.


This way of being and doing is a no-brainer in everyday life. If the movie is out of focus, I don’t go up to the screen to fix it. I get an usher and ask her to call the projection booth. We can do the same with the bigger things in life: climate change, budget deficits, gun safety. What are the ideas that make these things concerns? Let’s identify the kind of beliefs, thinking and ideas that hold these things in place and keep us from cooperating and change the ideas first, then pass legislation if any is needed. Let’s work from the inside-out.


Spiritual technology such as mindfulness, meditation and affirmative prayer—the kind of technology that allowed Jesus to perform miracles, allows me to do this. When I take responsibility for my own thinking, beliefs and ideas and determine how well they’re working for me and others—are they creating fear, hate and blame, or love, compassion and inclusion – I can decide which ideas I want to represent and see manifest in the world. Working from cause to effect, from idea to result, from the invisible to the visible, from spirit to matter is what spiritual technology is all about.

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