Friday, April 5, 2013

Grace happens

I’m trying to remember that grace is a constant – all around all the time. Everything I experience, no matter how I label it with the ego, is an opportunity to be aware of and experience grace. Right now having just fucked up a small thing (don’t sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff) I want to know that every time I feel dumb, stupid, inept, victimized or worse is an opportunity to experience grace.


Grace is not just for the ‘good’ experiences. Like most of us, I have been conditioned to believe that grace only comes gift-wrapped as love and light, clouds miraculously parting, and angels singing on high.


Not so. The truth I’m trying to get my heart and mind around, and my ego out of the way of, is that grace has numerous faces and comes in many different disguises and does not always look the way I might prefer. So my spiritual practice is to be open to its presence, aware that it’s there, be in the present moment with what is, asking it to reveal the grace and good it brings. Grace happens, the only question is will I notice it happening?

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