Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hostage or Host?

Would I, and you, be hostage to the ego or host to spirit?


Spirit’s spark is already in us. Inviting a greater awareness of it, thinking with spirit ever so slightly, causes the spark to ignite and become an ever brighter light illuminating the ego’s darkness.


My willingness, and yours, to allow the spark to ignite need not be perfect. If we offer just a little willingness, the spark will ignite and grow ever brighter. But our willingness is essential. Spirit shares, It will not thrust Itself upon us. Real freedom depends on welcoming reality, on remembering ourSelves and allowing the spark to ignite.


Every healing thought I give and receive, every situation I perceive as an opportunity to affirm my, and your, identity as spirit fans the spark into flame. But remember, allow this to be the gradual process it is. We will not burst into flames of divine perfection all at once. But each time you and I nurture the spark and heed the still small voice, we become better and more like ourSelves.

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