Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Same But Better

How often do you feel like you’ve got to know the answer (even tho you barely comprehend the question) or have got to know what to do even when you haven’t a clue? I feel that way a lot and it makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps it makes you feel that way, too. Spirit advises not to make the mistake of believing I understand what I perceive. Become as a little child it advises because little children recognize they don’t understand and so they ask.

So as a little child I ask, going within, seeking the Kingdom first, giving my perceptions over, and asking what does this mean, asking to experience it differently, with spirit instead of ego.

Easier said than done? You betcha (as Sarah P would say)!  The difficulty is I think I know or at least I’m supposed to know or should know. But as long as I think I know or feel as if I’ve got to cover up my ignorance, I won’t embarrass myself by asking. I’ve got to be that small child and give everything over, especially the experiences and things I’m most certain of.

“Resign as your own teacher for you have been badly taught,” the Course in Miracles advises. Looking around at the mixed blessing humanity has made of the planet, there’s little doubt that this is good advice. While I vacillate between ego and spirit, spending most of my time with ego, I’m not misguided, I’ve accepted no guide at all.

I need to recognize how I vacillate but not accept it and not blame myself nor feel guilty about it. Recognizing the vacillation, I can become as a little child, go within and ask mySelf what it’s all about (Alfie), and receive the answer that is already there, within, waiting for me. Bottom line, do I and perhaps you, want the problem or do we want the answer?

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