Thursday, April 4, 2013


We suffer, not because suffering is imposed on us, but because we are ignorant of our true nature.


With the grandeur of spirit within me, always available, always singing of its love, I keep choosing to be little and lamenting my littleness. Grandeur is only of spirit. Therefore whenever I become aware of it, no matter how dimly, I automatically abandon the ego because in the presence of grandeur the meaninglessness of the ego is perfectly apparent.


When this occurs, the ego believes its enemy has attacked. It then offers gifts to induce me to return to its protection. Naturally, egotism--self inflation and grandiosity, are the only gifts it can make. So I, and you, get to choose between the grandeur of spirit and the egotism and grandiosity of the ego. Who of us aware of the love of spirit upholding us would choose grandiosity over grandeur?

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