Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The New Professionalism

Do you consider yourself a professional? Most people do. What kind of professional are you? Are you a new professional or an old professional? Old professionals don’t use all the energy available to them and so they struggle and don’t enjoy themselves as much as they could. New professionals do use all the energy available, struggle less and are happier. Old professionals rely on science and exclude spirit. New professionals combine scientific objectivity and analysis with the spiritual qualities of creativity, compassion, spontaneity, and intuitiveness.


Every human being, even you, has access to both Science and Spirit.  Using them both enables you to become a new professional, enjoy yourself more and be more successful.  Using either one or the other, or restricting spirit to traditional religious practice, or thinking that you can't do science, holds you back, limits you, keeps you struggling as an old professional instead of enjoying life as a new professional.

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