Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More be ye perfect

A corollary to, “Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect,” is – “and experience everyone and everything else as perfect, too.” Perhaps not at first, no usually and normally not at first. At first I experience with the ego. I instantly subconsciously assess the threat/benefit level and go from there. But the ego speaks first and is always wrong. So, I’m training myself to hear it then pause, take a deep breath, go within and first seeking the kingdom both within and without, go from there. I’m seeking to experience everything that happens, no matter how it seems to the ego at first, as a gift, moving me to Self actualization.


Neither spirit’s light nor mine is dimmed because I don’t see it – the sun is still shining somewhere even when its night. Everyone and everything are children of light, even snakes, spiders and Republicans. Each person, experience or thing I recognize as a being of light adds to my own awareness of light. Wholeness is indivisible, so I can’t learn of my own wholeness until I see it everywhere. What I offer, is what I receive. It’s a paradox. I won’t experience it if I don’t believe it first. How can I experience something, I don’t believe is there, or possible or real? But neither spirit’s light nor mine is dimmed because I don’t see it. Spirit is there, always – always giving, blessing, creating and loving. If I’m not experiencing It this way, it’s not because spirit limited its giving but because I have limited my receiving.

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