Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Pointless to Attack


I know the ego always speaks first and is wrong, but…. But it’s difficult not to pay attention to it. It’s everywhere, insistent, shouting ‘danger! Danger Will Robinson!’  Dealing with it and choosing to ignore its lies and chatter is a constant, never ending process. But it’s not like there’s no alternative. There is another choice. In fact the whole point of the ego is to blot out that other choice, to keep me mindlessly busy, unable and unaware of the other choice.


Spirit, mySelf, is not deceived by all this or anything I do under the ego’s influence, because it knows who and what I am. The ego, on the other hand, is deceived by everything I do especially when I respond to spirit. At such times its confusion and anger increases, and it’s more likely to attack me when I act with spirit, compassionately and lovingly, because it has judged me to be as it is and I am going against its judgment. The ego attacks my motives as soon as they’re clearly out of accord with its perception of me. Then it shifts abruptly from its usual suspiciousness and anxiety to viciousness.


But it’s pointless to attack in return. That only puts me with the ego at its level. The last thing I want to do is deal with it on its home turf. I can be free of it only by turning completely away from it and not using its methods. Even for only a moment or a second it’s still worthwhile, still building spiritual muscle.  So, I’m training myself to hear the ego then pause, take a deep breath, go within and first seeking the kingdom both within and without, go from there.

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